Some of our dishes at E-Minor, int. and BBQ Restaurant at Laem Mae Phim beach, Klaeng, Thailand.

Please notice:

  • we not use microwaves
  • our food is fresh cooked, so it take about 15-20 min for serving
  • our meat we buy fresh from a butcher at the morning market

We enjoy to cook for YOU

One of our bestsellers, “Schnitzel”, served with fries or roasted potatoes or you can choose any other side dish,too.

Some like it with brown or mushroom sauce, garlic butter… only tell us, your wish is our command.

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On the next pic you see a Schnitzel with Mushroom Sauce, called “Jaegerschnitzel” or “Hunter’s Schnitzel”

Hunter’s Schnitzel at E-Minor, Laem Mae Phim Beach, Klaeng, Thailand



Restaurant and BBQ Mae Phim,แหลมแม่พิมพ์ – Klaeng-แกลง, Thailand

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