The build in started 

First pic of the build in at E – Minor, the new Int. & Thai restaurant at Laem Mae Phim beach, Klaeng, Rayong, Thailand. 

To be continued…

Build in of E-Minor, Mae Phim beach

Welcome at E-Minor, Laem Mae Phim Beach

Here we start build our webpage for E-Minor, Laem Mae Phim beach, Klaeng, Thailand.

We just begin to build in our new Int. & Thai Restaurant at Mae Phim, here you can follow the progress, see some of our food and drinks we compose for you. As well you will see many pictures of the amazing Mae Phim beach.

Restaurant and BBQ Mae Phim,แหลมแม่พิมพ์ – Klaeng-แกลง, Thailand

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