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Breakfast time at E-Minor

Breakfast time at E-Minor, Laem Mae Phim Beach, every morning from 10am, come enjoy fresh ciabatta rolls and the very nice view to Laem Mae Phim Beach.

View from E-Minor to Laem Mae Phim Beach

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Breakfast time at E-Minor, daily from 10am

Daily breakfast from 10am here at E-Minor, Laem Mae Phim Beach, Klaeng


BBQ presentation E-Minor, Laem Mae Phim

Lentils, Frankfurter Sausage and Spaetzle

Lentils with Frankfurter Sausage and handmade German Noodles called Spaetzle – here at E-Minor, Laem Mae Phim, don’t miss it

Saturday evening, Laem Mae Phim Beach

Very nice customers from Finland on a Saturday evening here at Laem Mae Phim Beach, Klaeng, Thailand

BBQ start at E-Minor, Laem Mae Phim

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This Sunday 23rd april, we will start with our every day table BBQ here at E-Minor, Laem Mae Phim Beach.
You can choose between Pork, Chicken, Beef or Seafood, you also can mix it how you like, free salad buffet and dressings are included.

2 person, pork, chicken, beef or mixed
every additional person 149฿

2 person seafood 399฿
every additional person 199฿

You’re welcome to enjoy your BBQ together with a San Miguel Negra draught beer, an Erdinger Whitebeer, a glass of wine or whatever you like to drink.
We use professional charcoal briquettes without any chemicals, no smoke, no sparks, give the food the unbelieveable taste.
We will entertain you with selected Music Videos, tell us what You like to hear, your wish is our command.

Have a great time here at E-Minor and enjoy your BBQ